Workshops – Emergency Response Plan Development


For any water or wastewater utility, an updated and useful emergency response plan is critical and required for water utilities by Section 2013 of America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018.

This 8-hour workshop will lead you through development of an emergency plan template for your utility, and will give you the opportunity to compare it with your existing ERP if you have one. You’ll have a start on what you need in an MS Word document, and you’ll know any holes to fill after the course.

The instructors, with years of experience developing utility response plans and putting them into action, are also available to assist you during the course as you learn what needs to be addressed in your emergency response plan document.

The course covers many topics for utility preparedness, including setting up an incident command team for your utility (no matter how small your staff size), and incident action checklists for any threat to your utility.

Enjoy your utility’s increased resiliency through this 8-hour class.

This Training Workshop can be held on site at your Utility or can be held for several different water/wastewater systems in your area.  Please contact us to inquire about scheduling a training.