Team Resilient Utilities (TRU) Resilience Training

Team Resilience for Utilities (TRU)

In person or virtual training
Train your team to be as resilient as your utility system!

Part 1  TRU Training:

  • Recognize stress and distress
  • Learn new ways to combat stress and trauma from an emergency
  • Practice spontaneity and problem-solving
  • Understand yourself and others
  • Achieve cohesion through team building
  • Improved emotional health, work ethic
  • Increased flexibility and resourcefulness
  • Increased resilience

Part 2  Fiver Reviver:

A quick five-minute debrief with a trusted co-worker can de-escalate emotions before they seriously disrupt work performance.
  • Become a first responder to conflicts
  • Learn how to build trust with others
  • Learn non-judgmental listening and how to avoid psychological pitfalls
  • Identify 7 tools for lowering adrenaline and setting safe boundaries
It is important to remember human factors of stress and needs of staff when we consider utility resiliency. Our society’s requirements of utility staff can be intense and can cause physical and mental health ailments in the workplace. Launch! has developed a two-part program focused on staff resiliency to foster teamwork and individual perseverance. Let us train your staff how to be as resilient as your utility system!
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